Monetize Data with powerful
Artificial Intelligence Models

Value Proposition

With enough data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can learn tasks (through past behavior and result history), enabling intelligent automation, predictions and insights.

Electricity Fraud

Throughout the world, electricity fraud negatively impacts both energy companies and consumers. Smart meters have widened the attack surface for electricity theft, resulting in new challenges in the industry.
"Only 15% of stole electricity is ever identified and cases seldom convicted. Energy companies need to transform their businesses by taking advantage of data that is already available and the new wave of "smart" data soon to arrive."

Source: IBM Smart Energy

"Smart meters widely used in Spain can be hacked to underreport energy use, security researchers have found."

Source: BBC

"A utility can lose as much as 10 to 30 percent in revenues each year to theft, and more than two-thirds of that loss is within the relatively small commercial account sector."

Source: SAS

"Energy companies are only starting to understand the vulnerabilities that smart meters bring."

Source: Nick Hunn, chief technology officer at WiFore to Bloomberg

Solution Overview

Smart Fraud Detection

The Smart Fraud Detection solution uncovers insights in your data and identifies cases of fraud.
Data Driven Approach

Leverage Machine Learning to intelligently use past examples of fraud

Hybrid approach that makes use of Unsupervised Learning To be able to detect novel fraud mechanisms

Adapts to the information systems architecture being able to leverage the data the Utility already has

Transparent and interpretable
With Supervised Machine Learning the Smart Fraud Detection solution learns from past cases of fraud. Leveraging Unsupervised Machine Learning, new types of fraud can also be detected.